Embarking on the Second Quarter

Growing Cincinnati's Modern Orthodox community one family at a time

Embarking on the Second Quarter

Today marks the first day of the second quarter of my work with MOve2CINCY, meaning it’s also the end of the first quarter.

While there will be many quarters that will be similar to each other, none will be like the first quarter.

The first three months on the job with MOve2CINCY not only involved my gaining an understanding of Jewish Cincinnati, but also getting logos and creating a website. I would broadly describe the first few months as the “Establishing” phase of MOve2CINCY.

This Establishing phase was literally about establishing a foundation of operations here in town. The next quarter will be about branching out – whether branching out beyond Cincinnati to make connections in the Modern Orthodox world, or beyond the Jewish community right here in Cincinnati to make connections in the business/employment world.

This next quarter I would describe as the “Spreading” phase, as MOve2CINCY now spreads beyond Jewish Cincinnati.

In my first month on the job, I was tasked to create a plan for the year. Yes, a job that has never existed before required a plan. Quite literally, this first year’s plan, which is pictured on the right, I developed ex nihilo.

As mentioned above, my first quarter was Establishing, this new quarter is about Spreading, with the two subsequent quarters to be about Recruiting and Onboarding.

While Recruiting and Onboarding will remain constants for the remainder of the existence of MOve2CINCY, the Establishing will have been a one-time foundational period, with my ongoing work seeking to continue to grow our efforts here in Cincinnati.

Time to spread.