First Two Months (& First Post)

Growing Cincinnati's Modern Orthodox community one family at a time

First Two Months (& First Post)

How does one start any social entrepreneurial project? Simple: by meeting people. This is especially true when starting in an entirely new city. Thus, from the beginning of August up through Rosh HaShanah, my work as the director of engagement and development for MOve2CINCY heavily focused on getting a lay of the land here in Cincinnati, not only geographically and institutionally, but socially, as well.

In that time, I met with rabbis, educational leaders, Jewish institutional leaders, and realtors, not to mention involved community members. Not only was it significant for me to learn about the lay of the land, but it was also helpful in sharing information about what it is that this initiative is meant to do. Not only were these meetings meant to impart an understanding to fellow Jewish community leaders a sense of what it is that I’m doing and how we can help grow the Modern Orthodox community, but also how our interests can be shared and how we can help each other.

These meetings have been incredibly helpful as I as I’ve begun transitioning into the next phase of my work here in Cincinnati. While there are still some meetings yet to take place – there are always people to meet – this next phase is something you are currently experiencing: the website.

As part of our branding efforts, the lay board that oversees the efforts of MOve2CINCY came up with the name for the initiative and approved the logo(s) (we developed two logos: one for horizontal banners and one for thumbnail purposes) you see on this post (and elsewhere around the website). The website is coming along, as you can see, although I’m still amidst building it, especially in terms of written content (with appealing visual content soon to come!)

Stay tuned! Now that we have a website up and running, you can be sure there will be future posts detailing the activities of MOve2CINCY!