Helping Modern Orthodox Jews Move to Cincinnati

Growing Cincinnati's Modern Orthodox community one family at a time

Helping Modern Orthodox Jews Move to Cincinnati

A common area of confusion that arises in my conversations around Cincinnati that I need to clarify is concerning the demographics, their schooling, and/or their synagogue affiliation. 

Our mission, as stated on our About page, is growing the Modern Orthodox population in Cincinnati through both retention and recruitment of Modern Orthodox families. In other words: this initiative is not for the benefit of any one particular synagogue, nor for any particular school; rather, it is intended to grow the entirety of the Modern Orthodox community here in Cincinnati.

And when we speak of growing the Modern Orthodox community, it includes the totality of Modern Orthodoxy and not just one of the segments within the Modern Orthodox camp.

Whether new families moving to town prefer to attend Sha’arei Torah, Golf Manor, or CZE, or even choose Blue Ash and want to attend the Chabad there, it makes little difference, as long we are growing the Modern Orthodox community in the aggregate.

And, similarly, with regards to schooling, we are blessed in Cincinnati to have multiple Jewish schools serving the community – whichever school families choose to send their kids, we are happy to help families choose a school that best meets their needs.

In sum, MOve2CINCY is here to encourage Modern Orthodox families of whichever stripe to move to Cincinnati, enrolling their children at schools that meet their needs and attending shuls of their wishes.