Press Release Announcing Launch of MOve2CINCY

Press Release Announcing Launch of MOve2CINCY

Today, MOve2CINCY is now formally announcing its launch to the world beyond Cincinnati with the following press release (pdf available here):

Contact: Rabbi Drew Kaplan

New Initiative Launched to Grow Cincinnati’s Modern Orthodox Community
Cincinnati Modern Orthodox Growth Project Hires First Professional

Cincinnati, OH (October 22, 2018) – A dedicated group of Cincinnatians have created a new enterprise to recruit families and individuals to the local Modern Orthodox community. Seeking to grow the community they know and love, the group has created the Cincinnati Modern Orthodox Growth Project. Looking to overcome hurdles in communal growth, the new enterprise has launched its first initiative, MOve2CINCY, to recruit Modern Orthodox families and individuals.

MOve2CINCY was launched this summer with a professional at its helm to direct its activities. Having begun in August, Rabbi Drew Kaplan has been serving as the Director of Community Engagement and Development for MOve2CINCY. New to Cincinnati, Rabbi Kaplan previously served as the rabbi/director for Southern California Jewish Student Services, providing Jewish content and guidance to Hillels and more in the greater Long Beach and Orange County area in southern California.

“I am thrilled to have stepped into the role of this special enterprise,” enthused Rabbi Kaplan. “I am greatly impressed by the vision this group of committed community members has taken to help ensure the vibrancy of Cincinnati’s Modern Orthodox community. Having met many people already in this community, it is no wonder that they would want to share the welcoming and warm nature of Modern Orthodox life here.”

“We all know that Cincinnati is a great place to live and raise a family, with Cincinnati’s Modern Orthodox community being especially warm and inviting,” said Norman Frankel, president of the new project. “We are thrilled to have Rabbi Kaplan on board to spearhead this very important initiative.”

MOve2CINCY has also launched its website at, where visitors can discover what both the greater city of Cincinnati has to offer, as well as the unique features of Cincinnati’s Jewish community. Other website features include information on housing, synagogues, schools, and more.

MOve2CINCY is growing the Modern Orthodox population in Cincinnati through both retention and recruitment of Modern Orthodox families. MOve2CINCY is an initiative of the Cincinnati Modern Orthodox Growth Project, which envisions a strong, vibrant, and sustainable Modern Orthodox community in Cincinnati. The mission of the Cincinnati Modern Orthodox Growth Project is to build on existing resources and create new resources vital to sustain the Cincinnati Modern Orthodox community well into the future.