Target Demographic Groups

Growing Cincinnati's Modern Orthodox community one family at a time

Target Demographic Groups

Who are our main target demographics?

While our target demographics are individuals and families who are either Modern Orthodox or adjacent (to either the right or the left), we could be satisfied with simply casting a wide net and see who wants to move to Cincinnati. However, I believe there are three main groups within that target demographic that are the focus of our efforts.

1) Those with job offers in Cincinnati – There are some people who have never considered Cincinnati before, but may receive a job offer in town. This “pull” to move to Cincinnati may sound nice, but most likely, they won’t know what Cincinnati has to offer, whether generally or Jewishly. As an example, my wife heard about her job out here initially, but was not interested at first, since she didn’t know anything about it. Our job is to make Cincinnati’s offerings known and to be a viable place for those with job offers here in town.

2) Those who are from Ohio – There are people who are either from Ohio, generally, or Cincinnati, in particular, who might consider moving back to The Buckeye State. While living in bigger cities may nice as a small family, once children come along, where might one consider moving to with one’s growing brood? Perhaps a return to The Heart of It All, Ohio, where not only is there more affordable housing, but also a place with good family values, as well as actual family here. For this group, there is some “push” to leave their current city, and some “pull” to return to Ohio. As a personal example, I am originally from central Ohio and the chance to move back to my state helps me feel comfortable, returning to my roots.

3) Those who are simply looking to leave their current cities – This third group may have no “pull” to move specifically to Ohio, but may certainly have a “push” mentality to want to leave their current cities. These are people where we need to focus our efforts to help put Cincinnati out there as an option on the Modern Orthodox map of places to reside. As examples, I think of families who have moved here, having discovered Cincinnati through our booth at last year’s OU Community Fair.

While there may be other groups that may move to Cincinnati, it seems to me at this moment in time that these three groups are the most likely to consider and to move to Cincinnati.