The Orthodox Union’s biennial Emerging Communities Fair is taking place in just a few short weeks, and once again, Cincinnati plans on attending to showcase all the wonderful things about our community in the hopes of attracting some new families to join us in the Queen City. So what is it about Cincinnati that makes it a destination city for young Modern Orthodox families looking to escape the East Coast? Low cost of living for sure ranks high on the list. Quality of life. Amenities of a big city. Sprawling parks. Nature in your backyard. The list goes on. But take it from people who live here in Cincinnati– what do they love most about our community? What makes the Jewish community here stand out among Jewish communities throughout the U.S.? Why choose Cincinnati, Ohio over another Midwestern town?

If you like to volunteer and/or if you aspire to take on leadership roles, you will find your niche in Cincinnati’s Jewish community. There is a humble openness to involving every newcomer, recognizing that each individual has something unique to contribute (experience, knowledge, skills, passions, insights, etc) that will benefit the overall community. There are many opportunities to explore what’s going on and to participate in how decisions are made by getting involved in committees, activities, and boards.”

“The geography of the community allows us to socialize across the economic spectrum. We have homes under $100K to homes over $1M, all within a feasible Shabbat walk of each other.”

“The Mikvah is beautiful, the people are friendly, and there are lots of opportunities to get involved in the shul.”

“We have three shuls all within a mile of each other, which allows for one large cohesive community that allows for easy socializing on Shabbat.” 

“My husband and I moved to Cincinnati last year, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with our decision.  Cincinnati is small enough to feel like a “somebody” but large enough to have every amenity that we need.  It has a diverse Orthodox community, Rabbis that truly care about our family and are there for us in every way possible, and community members that provide support and love to all who move here.  Not to mention the incredibly affordable housing and cost of living in general – we have been able to be a lot less stressed financially than we were while living on the East Coast. “

“The Jewish Federation and Foundation of Cincinnati are incredibly generous with funding a wide variety of programs that enhance Jewish life. Grants for Israel travel, sleepaway camp grants, helping the elderly, the list goes on.”

“Cincinnati’s Jewish community has a really special dynamic – we’re so proud that our families and children from across the Jewish and Orthodox spectrum work, play, learn, and celebrate together in ways that are hard to find anywhere else.”

“We have a variety of kosher restaurants to choose from, both meat and dairy, more than you would expect for an out of town community.”

“One of the greatest treasures we enjoy here in Cincinnati is the extensive list of things for families to do.  We have multiple park systems providing us with year-round access to every imaginable outdoor activity, water playgrounds, animals, and even indoor activity centers that keep the parks an option during the winter.  Add to this the many world class museums, play centers, attractions, and special events and every Sunday can be a new family outing that keeps everyone happy.”

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