Relocating to Cincinnati from Los Angeles has been a whirlwind!   Our desire to move stemmed from Cincinnati’s excellent cost of living along with a growing Jewish community that has strong mid-west values, and beautiful terrain with trees and less traffic. Our son has a beautiful yard to grow up and play in and we look forward to sending him to the day school in the fall. We decided to move pre-pesach in order to help with the cleaning process and have been welcomed with open arms from the lovely Cincinnati Jewish community. We have been here a month and so far our experience has been overwhelmingly positive thanks to a generous meal train organized by the shul when we arrived, open hospitality, and a surprising amount of kosher for Pesach foods available. The JCC here is beautiful, clean, and seems to attract all levels of yiddishkeit which we think is a wonderful quality. The Jewish school our son will be attending embraces strong middos, a reputable education and a love for Israel. The shul is located in a beautiful building on a sprawling property, and has a warm atmosphere. We are looking forward to spending many great years here and getting to know the community more intimately.

Adam, Aliza, and Aiden Frankel