By Esther Scheibler

Why Cincinnati?

Last month, we left our home in Overland Park, Kansas, after living there comfortably for 5 years. We loved living in Kansas, but after I was accepted to the University of Cincinnati to pursue a dream of mine- a doctorate in criminal justice- we couldn’t refuse the offer of admission.

The moving process was very rewarding. When we moved to Cincinnati, we did not know anyone. Immediately upon our arrival, dozens of people invited us to their kids’ birthday parties, homes for Shabbos, and several families opened their home to us (a family of 6) when our air conditioner broke. We almost immediately went from knowing no one to feeling like we are right at home!

Our kids have really taken to this place because of the family-centered community, abundant wildlife, gorgeous parks, and throngs of frum neighborhood children to play with. There is so much to love about Cincinnati: affordable housing, excellent and affordable Jewish primary and high schools, a bustling Kollel, kosher restaurants, and several opportunities for learning- for both men and women alike. Almost daily, we sit at our dining room window and watch families of deer, rabbits, and birds resting and feeding on our 1-acre lawn. It feels like we live on a Nature Reserve- we are completely surrounded by a beautiful forest- but we are right in the middle of the eruv!

We visited many cities before settling here. If a warm, out-of-town community with all of the amenities of a large community is what you’re looking for, you have to come and visit Cincinnati! I promise you won’t regret it.

The Scheibler Family